The Future starts here.

Hello! We are Ray Gun.

Ray Gun is an advertising and creativity agency guided by strategic thinking, with local soul and global vision. We belong to a new generation of agencies and we believe that creativity is a business that grows other businesses.

Through fully integrated campaigns, we solve the clients’ problems with our super powers, always trying to add new value to the brand and to people’s lives — as any other force for good. We believe in the development of a better future through creativity, and that it’s only possible if all of us are proud of what we do.

The future starts here.
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Our vision

The future starts here.

It’s our belief that ideas change people’s lives and increase brand recognition.

From “brand story” to “people story”.

We believe in people-centred communication, stories born from them which reflect the purpose of a brand.

Relevant creativity sells more.

This principle promotes a more lasting emotional relationship between brands and people. It’s a dialogue, not a monologue.

How we do it.



An everyday tool. Our permanent challenge to find out-of-the box ideas which project the brands to the future of communication.


Creative activation

A shock to the system.
Projects designed to improve or highlight key features of a brand. These are strategically thought with a specific aim and the agency fee is partially calculated based on objectives.


Social Criativity

Aimed at companies wishing more social relevance and concerned about creating socially responsable communication.

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